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Crosshead are committed to raising the quality of our bicycle products. Driven by performance and technology we aim to deliver practical products with innovative design and engineering features. As keen cyclists we look to continue driving product development through our customers and team.


We believe that improved performance allows folding cyclists to be ever more adventurous and aim to bridge the gap between folding and non-folding bicycles.


Being a cyclist is a great way to view the world. It can provide you with greater freedom and independence, help maintain your health and also be kinder to the planet compared to alternative carbon based travel options.

Our Story

Crosshead founder and designer, Stuart Lambert, lacked interest in overly small commuter folding bikes and wanted to create a bicycle for riders who can ride hard and fast, prioritising performance with great component options, yet still achieve compact folder status.

Get in touch

Contact us to find out more about how the Crosshead is a game-changer for the folding bicycle market.

Our team

Crosshead is a private company made up of a group of shareholders, board members and employees. Our expert team have experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and business development. We share the common goal of transforming the folding bike sector by expanding its potential to accommodate those that require more than what commuter led bicycles offer.


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