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Just purchased a bike

Crosshead Folded red decal

We would like to thank you for purchasing a Crosshead bicycle. Our relationship doesn’t end when you take your Crosshead home. Should you experience any issues, are interested in customisation and upgrades or need some advice for getting the most out of your folding bike you can contact us or use the resources we have available on hand.


We ensure every bike is manufactured to the highest standard, however in the unlikely case there is a fault or damaged part we will replace or repair them, subject to the bike being under warranty and meeting the terms. We are committed to maintaining your bicycle and making sure bike shops can access our parts over a long term period so we will always encourage information exchange.


Our folding bike requires no extra or special maintenance, just the usual care a loving owner will give their bike. To keep your bike in good condition we recommend regular checks and running standard maintenance procedure before taking your Crosshead out on the road for the first time.



We have collated a range of useful documents that you can use to get the most out of your Crosshead. You’ll be able to find a copy of the user manual as well as other general and useful information about cycling.


We have answered some of your most frequently asked questions and will keep adding to the list as we get asked new ones. If there is something we haven’t answered or you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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