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The bike

Patented 'Z-fold' technology 

best Compact folding bike

The Crosshead folding bike has been designed to give flexibility to users, with its ingenious 'Z-fold' technology it efficiently folds into a handy compact package making it ideal for carrying, transporting and storing. 

How it folds

A step by step video explaining the process of how the Crosshead bike folds 

Key features

Adjustable handle bar and seat heights guarantee maximum comfort for all users. 

10 and 20 speed options make longer journeys easier and more comfortable.

20 inch wheels provide confidence and optimum speed performance.

Integrated frame mounting points allow components to be altered to accommodate accessories or upgrades 

Moulded secondary safety locks on all hinge points for improved safety.

Extensive use of aerofoil tube sections and enclosed mechanisms ensure rider efficiency. 



During the design process our engineers focused on perfecting the quality and comfort of the ride to allow users to achieve the ultimate cycling experience. 


We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for convenience. So whether it be for weekend cycling or daily commuting a 10 or 20 speed the Crosshead bike will turn any journey into the best ride imaginable. 

Design innovation

The stunning and distinctive aluminium finish of the bike presents a sleek and contemporary design. Its aluminium frame has extruded aerofoil sections and investment cast joints with built in functionality, leaving no unsightly external catches or hooks. With its aerodynamic and streamlined design cyclists can ride hard and fast with complete confidence. 

Made in 


All Crosshead products have been designed and developed in the UK, our folding bicycles are absolutely unique to Crosshead. They have been engineered for resilience, ease of use and folding capability. With our in-house production facilities we can ensure you receive a product of the highest quality.

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