'Z-fold' technology 

With its patented ‘Z-fold’ technology the bike is easy to fold, is compact at 685 x 620 x 360 mm and with a little practice you will be folding your bike in under 20 seconds.

Unlock the quick release on the steering tube and fold the handle bars down.

Compress the moulded lever and unlock the rear hinge clasp.

Compress the moulded buttons and unlock the front hinge clasp.

Fold the rear wheel under and towards the centre until it rests in front the frame.

Fold the front wheel under and towards the centre until it rests behind the frame.

Unlock the quick releases on the seat-post and push the saddle down. 

Safe and secure

The internally housed fold hinges give the Crosshead a sleek and streamlined appearance. Secondary locks protect the mechanisms from accidents and damage. They are easy to unlock with a simple compress and lift motion.

Take it with you anywhere

Perfect for daily commuting

Allows you to ride to and from work, easy to store in small storage spaces.

Ideal for weekend activities

Its compact size means you can easily fit multiple folding bikes in your car.

Suitable for travelling

Pack your bike in a case or a bag and take it with you anywhere in the world.

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