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About our warranty

We would like to thank you for purchasing a Crosshead bicycle and to wish you many miles of carefree cycling. Welcome to the Crosshead family!


All new Crosshead bicycles have a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty for the frame, plus a 2 year warranty on all other non-Crosshead manufactured parts.

We guarantee we will replace any defective parts and correct any point of production defective workmanship. Please retain your purchase invoice to help us identify manufacturing and sales dates. Any parts which need replacing are to be returned to the Crosshead factory and become the ownership of Crosshead Ltd.


Crosshead might consider making repairs outside of the warranty period if we believe that a part or component has performed below the expectation of our nominated service engineer. A service is required after 150 miles or six months after purchase and thereafter recommended following each 2000 miles or annually for whichever is reached first.


For the warranty to be valid, the following conditions need to be observed: That there is reasonable evidence that routine services have taken place and proof of purchase; first owner only cover. If ownership is transferred please contact us and we will discuss warranty options.


The following points are excluded from the warranty:


  • The bicycle is not warranted for competitive events, demanding jumps or incorrect service or maintenance procedure.

  • Certain serviceable parts may need routine replacement during service, these specifically are excluded from the warranty and will be chargeable by us or the dealer.

  • Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect or theft.

  • Normal wear and tear is not covered, definition and decision to be made by the Crosshead service engineer and our nominated dealer representative.

This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and any question arising from this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English courts and does not affect your statutory rights. Crosshead reserves the right to make documented text revisions or product changes which may differ from previous meaning or previous product specifications.

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