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Crosshead bike reviews

With the recent launch of the Crosshead folding bike range, the SF-1A recently received the attention of two independent reviews. The most significant of these reviews is by Joe Delves, a freelance writer with the ‘Cyclist’ magazine, who spent a week testing the Crosshead bike for both work and leisure activities. To find out what he has said about the Crosshead folder you can read his full review at:

The second review is by Jimmy Wilson a bike fit technician at Sigma Sports. He had the bike for a few weeks and as an experienced cyclist was able test it to its full potential. Following his study he recorded his thoughts and impression of the bike, which we have included in a summary below:

Knowledge and experience of cycling

Lifelong cyclist, with ‘20 years’ experience in bike retail and 8 years in bike fitting. 5 years specialising in custom bikes. 15 years road, MTB and Cyclo-cross racing.

Experience with folding bikes

Brompton for commuting and going to the shops.

First impression on riding and folding

Well engineered. Feels like a non-folding bike when unfolded. More solid feeling and stable than smaller wheeled folders. The fold is logical and fairly intuitive. Hinges and clasps feel precise and deliberate.


The smaller than full-size wheels make it manoeuvrable at low speed and off-road but it remains stable when riding faster on-road.

Equipment specification

The equipment works ok. If I had the choice, I’d have 1x11 transmission and disc brakes with a flat bar. A major bonus is the fact that standard bike parts can be used. This makes it customisable and facilitates a better fit.

Recommended riders

Recreational riders with lack of storage space. Boats, caravans, aircraft. Summer commutes when the rider might opt to cycle further before getting on the train.

Other observations

Design and engineering are the most impressive part of the bike. Could be showcased by retailing it as a frameset and having shops do custom build.

The comments we have received about the bike are very positive and are extremely helpful in the ongoing development of the business. We look forward to expanding our dialogue with both our audience and customers alike, so make contact or keep a look out on our social media pages for any new updates and reviews!

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