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Our story

The beginning

The first seed of an idea emerged in 2007, when Stuart Lambert was taking a break in Bruges, Belgium. Frustrated without a bike on hand he purchased a folding bicycle and discovered a number of performance issues. Believing there was the potential to create something better, he considered designing a bike which would satisfy the needs of a demanding cyclist yet still offer the convenience of a compact folder.

From 2009 Stuart and an experienced team of designers and engineers have developed the Crosshead bicycle through six prototypes to ultimately create this new challenger folding bike.

Crosshead folding bike
Crosshead Project start


Project started

Crosshead was founded and the project began, Stuart Lambert worked on the developing the initial concept for prototyping.

First crossshead folding bike


CP01 completed

CP01, the first prototype was created by the engineering department at University of Greenwich as proof of concept.

Crosshead folding bike sketches


Patent granted 

Patent for unique Z-fold technology was granted.  


CP02 completed

Working with JNDC an engineering consultancy, the CP02 prototype was created. With QR clamps, improved sand castings and early experimental glued and welded joints.

Riding the crosshad folding bike

Continuing working with JNDC, CP03 was completed. With new internal front and back mechanisms this development prototype had an improved aesthetic and function.


CP03 completed

Building the crosshead bike


Moved to factory

Stuart Lambert moved into the new Crosshead factory in Kent to continue working on the Crosshead project.

Commuting crosshead folding bike


CP04 completed

Working with Alex Kalogroulis, a design engineer, CP04 prototype was completed. Comprising of evolved hinge mechanisms, secondary locks, investment castings and glued and welded joints.


CP05 completed

Incremental engineering updates were made including, a new steering clamp, anti-flop wheel mechanism, redesign of several parts and improvements to the manufacturing process.This development resulted in CPO5, a pre-production prototype which at the end of the year was put through testing.

Crosshead folding bike

CP06 development was initiated and CEN testing was completed on the forks and folding steering assembly giving Crosshead a saleable bicycle by December.


Passed testing

Best compact folding bike
IMG_2703 2.jpg

Complete CP06 bicycles are assembled for user review and a company launch at the ‘London Bike Show’ in February.


Product launch

Launching after 9 years

After 9 years of product and manufacturing development the bike is being launched at the ‘London Bike Show’ in February 2018. Crosshead led by Stuart Lambert the Founder and lead designer of the Crosshead bicycle, would like to thank his dedicated Shareholders, Designers, Engineers and consultants. I am looking forward to growing this very exciting and promising new manufacturing business alongside the Crosshead team.


Alex Kalogroulis of Kalogroulis Design Limited; Design Engineer on CP04, CP05 & CP06. Jigyasa Choudhary, Matthew Haran & Lillie Burton; general product design assistance on CP05 & CP06. Zoltan Szabo; product design assistance on CP04. William Jackson; Design Engineer product development on CP01, CP02 & CP03. Jan Nikolwitz & Dean Carran of JNDC Ltd; Engineering on CP02 & CP03. Ian Cakebread, University of Greenwich engineering department; Proof of concept prototype CP01. Stuart Lambert; product design and project management of all prototypes.

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