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New addition to the Crosshead team.

We are pleased to welcome Jigyasa Choudhary, a Loughborough placement student, to the Crosshead team. As the junior industrial designer here at Crosshead, she will be working with us in the coming year to prepare CP05 our pre-production bicycle for production, the product launch exhibition and contribute to the design of some new products.

In previous years we have had several Loughborough students undertake placements at Crosshead including; Timi Oyedeji, Lillie Burton and Mathew Haran all contributing diligently to the Crosshead business. The work they have put in during their placement year has been invaluable and we would have struggled without their dedication and talent.

We hope that Jigyasa enjoys her time here and we look forward to having an ongoing and long working relationship Loughborough University.

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